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  • tikka
    07-03 09:34 PM
    What IV will do different than what AILF is planning to do? They are not asking for any money for participating in litigation. What will happen if you don't reach your target of $5000 before you do something? (may be lawsuit).
    Nobody takes money for filing lawsuit in any case, atleast not in advance.
    No offense, but i thought you need to be little bit more clear in what exactly you plan to do with $5000.

    I don't care if you get offended with my asking. But I am trying to unsderstand if i am missing something.

    No one is offended but you might get more info if you pm core.

    thank you

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  • BlueSunD
    03-07 12:08 AM
    I guess it is kind of hard to try to complete an image that satisfies the mental picture that we have of it. Mostly, because of time, right now I have a lot to do too. But I won�t quit no matter what.... I guess that, either I love too much to work on 3D, or I like to suffer and don�t sleep :krazy: Anyway, good luck to everyone!

    Geez Grinch! That�s really cool! I hadn�t reloaded this page until I posted... and I didn�t want to double post :)

    Anyway, it�s really neat! Congratulations, the texturing is really nice!

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  • greencard_fever
    03-15 06:13 PM
    what i am saying is how and why is it that inspite of the PD having been current as I detailed in my original post for so long during 2000-2005 for EB 2 India, why are there applicants from way back in 2002 and 2003 still waiting?

    Honestly, I thought they should have been already processed and gotten their Green cards by now.

    All I am trying to figure out is how many applicants from 2004-2005 are still in the proverbial 'PIPELINE' waiting. Unless they are done, the PD is not gonna move.

    If we can have it move conclusively to 2005-2006 regions relatively quickly, most problems are solved.

    BTW, what are the chances that the PD may become "Current" again for EB2/EB3 India over the next 40 months?


    like Name check delays and Backlog elimation of LC was done in last 2007 which might possible that quite a bit of LC with PD 2002 - 2004 was got approved and were not able to file 485 because EB2 was "U" after August-2007

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  • msyedy
    06-13 08:45 AM
    Yes that is true. Impact for US companies are minimal and in fact good for US companies and more disadvantage for Indian companies. Mainly those who are running just by H1b persons will have tough time. Actually many small US consulting companies went out of business because they were not able to compete with Indian companies because of H1B.

    Let us analyze this thing in depth.

    a) According to the restriction which stops consulting

    New york city--- Desi Companies will be affected. They will not be able bring H1-B.

    CDI, RCG, Bearing Point, Datanomics, .... ..... ... .. there are 1000s of middle vendor which supply the Desi labor to the Wall street companies and more.
    I am just talking about NYC. These laborer comes from desi comapnies.

    With restriction...desi cannot bring H1-B..the middle vendors are screwed and hence the clients. Due you have an idea how many Indians work for the financial companies that are not a direct hire.

    If you stop consulting Wall street's wall will fall. The work that a desi can do in 1 day an american would take three days. At least in my company they have realized it.

    You answer this


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  • mihird
    07-09 10:37 PM
    I think, we should all follow this lawsuit closely...if it gets accepted for trial in Illinois, I am seriously considering filing one myself in California...on similar grounds..

    There are several attorneys who would be willing to file a lawsuit no cost with the understanding that any monetary benefits if won, be split with them....

    Likewise, I think, others should stand up and consider filing separate law suits in different states....the more law suits get filed, the more media/people/congressmen attention this issue will get...

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  • pictures of kittens and cats.

  • tsnaresh
    03-18 10:17 AM
    Is there a group created for Ohio state? I have sent an email to "IV-Ohio@googlegroups.com" but email was not delivered (invalid group). Also, any one interested in car pooling from Cleveland, Ohio?
    Thank you


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  • kshitijnt
    01-31 05:35 PM
    Thanks a lot Desi3933. I dont have words to thank you...

    Another question - Once she gets on EAD does she have to get paid for 'x' number of period (Say 15 day or a month0 on EAD? And then when she re-enters on h1b (Nov 15 2009) then she will get paid from Nov 15 - Dec 31, so for year 2009 she will just have Jan month and 15 Nov till Dec 31 2009 on w-2. Is that fine since all the other time she was on EAD or out of country.

    In case of a dependant 485 there is no requirement to be paid on EAD.

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  • amitps
    09-26 11:27 AM
    Eilene Zimmerman
    freelance journalist
    v and f: 619.582.2192

    IV Leaders and Core are working on it...but feel free to call her / email her.


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  • sathyaraj
    03-06 10:54 PM
    Hi All:
    I have filed my AOS during last july 2007 and got EAD/AP etc. It has been more than 180 days and have decided to move to new company using AC21.

    There have been many threads with information on whether to contact USCIS or not. I have decided to contact USCIS and inform them about Ac21. I hired a lawyer. He seems to be very knowledgeable. As per him, it is not enough just to have an offer letter with salary and job details. He prepared a letter such that the new company also supports my green card process. I am not sure whether my new company will provide this information. As per the information, I have seen in murthy and Rajiv Khanna there is no need to have any support from the new company. Only fulltime job with salary and job duties is enough. He also scared me saying that if the new company does not support my GC, I have to start all over again.

    Please provide me with your experience and the inputs from your attorney.

    I apologize if this matter is already discussed. Please point me the thread so that I can look up and see.


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  • makemygc
    07-16 08:27 PM
    The only way to counter this is to fax the senators and reps stating the "real" facts!
    Problem is senators or congressmen who support us know the facts and those who do not support us, do not want to know the facts.
    Still I think it's a good idea and definitely should be implemented along with few other alternatives too..like educating common mass.

    I guess we need to come out with a white paper about "Top 10 Myths about Employment Based Immigration". Any good writer here...?

    We can fax these white papers to attorney, media and even number usa too.


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  • jw419
    04-14 03:11 AM
    Many people do not know about this issue yet. My senators do not want to do much on this issue because it is sensitive to bogus national security. My corporate lawyers (and executives) do not want to draw attention to this matter because retrogression is less trickier than this one politically. Guys we need to speak out otherwise nobody will even know about this issue.

    How big the impact is? Of the tens of friends, neighbors, coworkers I know of who filed I-485 in 2003, only one got approved. The majority is waiting name check clearance for more 2.5 years!

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  • kumar1
    12-10 02:02 PM
    There used to be a guy called VLDRAO.....self proclaimed DOS visa bulletin expert. Where is he these days? I would love to hear from him.

    VLDRAO......save us!!!!!


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  • msp1976
    04-10 03:14 PM
    Can apply through company A...

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  • return_to_india
    10-10 05:42 PM
    It is unreasonable to carry a passport at all times when you are living here. What happens if you leave it behind in the grocery store by mistake or leave it in the cab or something? I think the issue reported by the OP is more relevant close to the border. Nobody asks for your passport in Vegas or Denver.

    I would advise US govt. to build a system where officers can verify legality by checking the biometrics ( some handheld devices that connect to a DB ) , which should free up one to carry documents while on domestic travel. If biometrics cannot be found then proceed to grill on docs.


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  • chanduv23
    09-27 10:12 AM
    A common card that can be used for different countries - gives excellent mobility - improves standards - induces competition - this concept looks good and promising.

    Please share some more info if available. Lest discuss pros and cons

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  • NKR
    03-07 11:32 AM
    I am employed with a company and I work for a client through a preferred vendor. I am in a slightly difficult situation. I would like to do AC21 with the vendor and negotiate for more. This might irk the vendor and he could in turn tell my employer about this. I cannot put in my papers with my employer without having an offer from the vendor in hand. I cannot join the client directly because of hiring freeze.

    My question is, if due to the above exercise my employer cancels my H1, will I be immediately be out of status, does having EAD means that I will be in status even if my H1 is cancelled?.. How much time will I have to join a new employer using EAD if my H1 is cancelled or revoked.?.



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  • EB2_Jun03_dude
    04-25 04:52 PM
    Could you please tell us what those job titles were, starting from the original one?

    The original LC title was 'software engineer',
    first AC21 job: 'Senior Consultant'
    second AC21 Job: 'Senior Developer (AVP)'

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  • test101
    07-05 03:24 PM
    what a waste of time.People should be working side by side to make media,congress, sentors aware of the our problem. Instead of fighting about making the website free or not.

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  • nojoke
    10-22 03:07 PM
    I mean tax everyone equally. During this tough economy time, consider everyone and not the middle class or upper class or lower class.

    Equally- That is tough to define. Equally as a percentage of their income/earnings? Rich don't even have 'income' to pay the income tax. They probably are paying 5 or10% of their earnings, while you and me pay 30+% of our income.

    10-15 07:31 PM
    I wrote this once before and I will say it one last time. Pulling stunts such as the flower campaign is XYZ. May be not to the extent we feel it should, but USCIS does realize that there are issues with how it is handling cases. It is doing the best it can with the limited resources it is being provided. Please dont embarrass USCIS anymore. Would you keep calling a blind person, blind? Please stop this childish behavior. If anything lets start thinking about CIR and how we can influence changes to favor legal immigrants. We have the time now so start lobbying for changes.

    Kindly note that you are dealing with a established government entity. Stop adopting hindi movie ideas when interacting with USCIS. If it were so easy why not arrange "naach-gana" for USCIS everyday. We can invite Malaika Sherawat for half the price we are paying to lobby. Skimpy clothes, raunchy songs, and alcohol may mesmerize the visa officer into stamping 100 K greencards everyday.

    I bet there were a good number of closed door meetings, lobbying, and lets throw a bone to keep them quiet for sometime- discussions that translated into the July fiasco.

    I believe we are educated and sane people, so lets start doing the right thing.

    Enough said.

    " USCIS does realize that there are issues with how it is handling cases.".
    All our efforts are to tell USCIS that we also realize it and we are waiting it to act. You shouldnt say "Hindi movie...". We thought it will work as it was a peaceful way and it did work. And I am very sure it will work again and again. USCIS and others will realize that this is the way legal applicants behave, which is very good. Nothing wrong.. Looks like you had a bad day..

    10-16 01:51 PM
    U could get notarized at ur local banks or at ur work place if u ahve anyone who has a license

    i believe you dont have to put in any recpt # 's just your name...

    and also anyone knows the fax #??

    I've already got my GC, but will file this.
    Anybody can file a freedom of information act request. It is a general principle of democracy that the public needs to be in an informed position, and sunlight is the best disinfectant for government.

    I think that the receipt number referred to is the FOIA receipt number that you will get back after sending this, not your AOS receipt number.

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