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  • varshadas
    01-24 10:33 PM
    Let us have a conf call on 01/27/07 at 10.00 AM. I will post the conference details soon.


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  • sprajulu
    07-01 04:11 PM
    We all should request politely to end this country specific reservations.

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  • psam
    06-11 12:15 AM
    This amendment treats foreign workers like slaves.

    When we need you, we take you in. But when there are layoffs, you are supposed to pack your bags and leave? Even if you are the best performer in your group?
    Layoffs happen at respectable companies like Microsoft as well. And Microsoft indeed has hired some of the brightest brains from all over the world. Why should families of these people take all the heat of layoff?

    I wish that next Microsoft, Apple, Google happens outside of U.S.

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  • smuggymba
    09-10 08:36 AM
    I understand what you said, but just to consider the off numbers published by dos

    EB2 total pending 34325
    EB3 total pending 136325

    2010-2011 quota EB1+EB2 ( 85343 )
    less eb2 " " 34325
    " " 51018 trickeling down for EB3 Worldwide?
    2010-2011 quota EB3 ( 42671 )
    less eb3 - 136325
    42636 ( eb3 pending left over from above )
    2011-2012 quota eb1+eb2+eb3 128013

    So, with above math Eb2 will be current by next year, and eb3 will be by end of 2012?

    above math is based on
    inaccurate numbers given by DOS?
    assuming no new applicants applying.
    Hope I am correct! :)

    Hi Sanju-dba,
    In the predictions thread, I saw the members saying there are 100-120K people waiting in EB2 from now until 2010. You're saying it's 34K...can u post this in the predictions thread so that other members can analyze the numbers. Thanks.


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  • ramaonline
    08-21 12:54 PM
    The I485 Supplement A is for 245 i which means you had to be present in the US in the year 2000. Since you never entered the US until 2003 it does not look like this form is required in your case. Please call the USCIS customer service number to confirm this.

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  • desi3933
    02-12 04:04 PM
    Good to see your post. :) Your posts are very helpful and educational to IV members Thank you.

    If someone thinks visas are being wasted please send us the proof and IV will take action.

    Thanks Pappu.

    Appreciate your kind words.



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  • vijayassr
    08-05 08:53 PM
    Hi, Looks like you have a propabilities now.

    1) If your H1 gets approved first before OCT'01st and your L1 does not approve, you should change to company B (who applied H1), if B applied your H1 with CHANGE OF STATUS (you will see new I-94 issued along with approval).

    Good thing u can stay in country and work for B.

    2) IF your H1 & L1 gets approved one after other in sequence, means first H1 then L1 then I think you are safe to work with company A without leaving country, says its the sequence that matters.

    Check with attornies as well, but other Attorneys does not agree with them.It will be only problem when you apply GC, and not in mean while.

    3)IF its L1 then H1,and if you want to work with company A, then you need to go out of country and get L1 stamped. Your H1 will remain avilable unless company B cancells it.

    4) If your L1 gets approved and H1 gets problem(rejected I dont want this but if happens) then any how u can work for company A.

    Hope the above things help.


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  • zerozerozeven
    03-09 12:17 PM
    let the waiting start for the May bulletin....


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  • Administrator2
    06-10 04:20 PM
    Please send message to your Senator to oppose this amendment. Here is the link to send the message.

    Action Alert: Vote NO Sanders amendment S.A. 4319 to pass H.R.4213. (

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  • GCKaIntezar
    02-22 09:10 PM
    Thanks. I'm going to create a thread under IV Agenda and post.

    One quick request to all members-
    Can anyone bring a laptop with wireless Internet Access so that we can display our efforts online, it will be of great help in recruiting members on the spot. Unfortunately I don't have wireless laptop.

    Let me know if you'll be able to do this.

    Pls post your schedule and location on the the IV agenda thread so that it is visible on the homepage. Urge more NJ members to come to the temple to help you distribute flyers and talk to interested people.They will also have a chance to and meet other NJ chapter members. At least one core member will also come for this and everyone will have a chance to meet and ask any questions.


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  • DarkChild
    02-16 07:01 AM
    my motto is "don't start anything you can't possibly win" so i'm not gonna start on this man, that is just sick...

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  • dhesha
    03-16 03:06 PM
    The biggest problem is interfiling from EB3 to EB2. USCIS must not allow anyone to change categories and retain old priority dates. This is nothing short of cheating ! What about the people who have been standing in line. You can't just change the rules when they suit you and get into the middle of the line. Pathetic !

    Similarly - LC SUB guys are getting into the middle of the line even though they came to US years after many of us who are already in pipe-line. This is even more pathetic.


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  • .soulty
    02-21 07:24 PM
    yeah would be better to talk about this somewhere else, basically Lw is a really good app to those who are use to its interface, seperate modelling and layout style.

    other than that you have the best out of the box rendering system in any 3d app and a very capable and quick particle system.

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  • abd
    09-17 03:35 PM
    I changed employer and location. So I was asked to clarify the location change if I am still with the sponsoring employer or submit a letter from a current employer stating duties salary etc. Replied to them and they are evaluating the response.

    How many days have passed snce they received your response? Was yours similar to mine. Please look at Page 1 of this thread of my detailed RFE. Did the sttus change for you to "Review"? Sorry so many questions but my attorney is sending the response overnight today and i am so nervous and anxious and scared and.... etc.


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  • Libra
    09-27 11:03 AM
    First we come here which is completely different environment and struggle to adjust, then after 10 yrs or so, if we go back then struggle to adjust in home country.

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  • singhsa3
    03-04 10:58 AM
    I need some help from anyone willing.
    There are too many media and I can't cover them all.
    Please feel free to replace my name by yours and get the ball rolling.
    We won't know unless we try. Don't be discouraged by skeptics, they do serve a purpose by making us think from all angles.

    So please, if you can please this to local media and hope someone will take note of it.
    So far I have covered,
    Seeking Alpha
    Left voicemails for WSJ and Realtor


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  • GreeNever
    06-13 11:22 AM
    Folks! MSNBC is organizing a gut check on the immigration issue (though this appears to be on issues related to illegal immigration). It's a message board inviting opinions on immigration with an expert panel set to reply to the meesages posted. Eventually, messages will be short-listed for publishing. We may be able to make an opportunity out of this.


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  • ak27
    11-20 10:51 AM

    I am from Plainsboro NJ..

    TL PD 09/20/2004

    PERM Conv stuff for last 8 months..

    What is the best way to invite folks to join IV..

    NJ has south asian programming on comcast on Sat and Sun. Can we some how put something through them.

    Also, should we try to meet Newly Elect Sen Bob Menedez and try explain our situations.

    Let us try to do our bit folks....

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  • HV000
    03-19 01:03 PM
    Why not july 2006??

    Well, atleast RIR/Pre PERM Backlog Applications can be processed. BPCs only closed in DEC 2007. So, some of them missed the Aug 07 deadline. I'm NOT against 2006 or 2007 applicants!

    10-16 10:49 AM

    04-07 08:12 AM
    Well said! I came back first week of Feb 09 and no issues. Just usual jibber-jabber.

    Rumor, rumor, and more rumors. We Indians get a kick out of this stuff, dont we? This actually happened with me couple of weeks ago.

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