Rabu, 15 Juni 2011

Fiat Uno

The new Fiat Uno, a model bold on concepts and lines, comes to redefine the segment of compact cars. It is simply unique. One. Unique. Singular. Individual. This is how the dictionary defines the word "Uno". And this is how the new car from Fiat Automobile is.

The new Fiat Uno comes with all attributes that will make it a new success story. In addition to the new concept and bold lines, it enables an unprecedented level of customization in the Brazilian market. A new icon in the segment. With countless options from the factory and the dealer, the client can customize the car at his/her taste, with optional items and accessories, turning the new Uno into an extension of his/her own individuality.
However, behind the innovative look there is also a well-defined machine. It marks the premiere of two new engines - Fire 1.0 Evo and Fire 1.4 Evo, both Flex fuel - that incorporate modern technologies to ensure great performance with fuel saving and low level of emissions.

To formulate the concept of the new model and achieve its surprising shapes, the designers from the Fiat Style Center for Latin America and from the Fiat Style Center in Italy did not try to guess what the consumer wanted. On the contrary - first they talked to the client and only then they started creating the car. Open communication was adopted throughout the development, until the product clinics with the actual-size internal and external style models. This way, there was no room for error.

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