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  • rajivkane
    07-20 10:42 PM

    My EB2 PD is Octo'2005 & receipt date of I-485 is Aug'17 2007 (receipt date on the receipt received from USCIS)to NSC(although online it shows first Aug'2007 & now October'2007). NSC online update shows Aug 10'2007. What are the chances that my application will be processed in Aug'2008? I received a soft LUD on 07/03/2008 on my I-485/ead/travel document but nothing after that.



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  • eb3retro
    08-17 12:16 AM
    Very Good first post :eek:!!! Please hide wherever you were hiding till now, STOP judging.

    clever adj
    Definition: bright, ingenious
    Antonyms: awkward, foolish, idiotic, ignorant, naive, senseless, stupid, unclever

    I am looking to see if he will show up too..looks like he is not coming back..so much for one and the only post..

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  • glus
    07-28 09:31 AM
    If you see the letter and spirit of clause in the said notification, an employment letter is not required and adjudicator has to send RFE if he feels required. File with latest paystubs. If RFE sent to you , then again file latest paystub to show that you was in employment with that employer from the date of filing 485 petition and for at least another 6-7 months further to that date.

    Please don't spread incorrect statements. An employment letter is part of initial evidence and one of the most important things in the whole employment=based cases. Paystubs only show that you work, but they don't show what you do. I485 can't be approved without CURRENT employment verification letter. In fact, people whose I485 are pending for a long time (2-3 years) very often receive a RFE for an updated (current) employment letter since the original letter sent with application is simply too old. That is a fact, and not rumor. If you don't believe, review I485 instructions which say that employment letter must be there as initial evidence.

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  • pappu
    07-03 06:01 PM
    If anyone has any questions we will be happy to talk to them.


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  • go_gc_way
    01-04 04:18 PM
    Posted on immigration.about.com

    Thanks we_can, I was searching for this thread.

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  • StarSun
    02-03 09:22 AM
    To get a head start on the advocacy effort, we need members to register, contribute, plan the travel, and spread the word as soon as possible.


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  • uma001
    03-21 03:30 PM
    ****Plus $12K and then what? You will leave the firm in 6 months.****

    Working for them till I get green card itself a big thing.You know getting green card takes a decade. How can you leave in 6 months just after filing.

    BTW,Are you the owner of one of these companies?


    Don't show green card fruits before hiring an employee...Just be frank. Say it if you dont do green card before hiring , not after joining.

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  • pray
    08-16 02:52 PM
    Because you guys are not as clever as EB2s.


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  • prad123
    05-05 11:32 PM
    My friend was on situation. He consulted lawyer. If already change of status is applied from October 1 you will be in H1. But if you go out of country and come back before October 1st with L1 visa, you are COS will not be valid. Youcan continue in L1. But only problem is you can not switch to H1 later without stamping.

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  • gc28262
    04-10 10:04 AM
    The biggest surprise is EB3 Mexico. It just turned to U. How is that possible??
    Can this happen to EB3-I India as well??

    In April bulletin EB3 Mexico was at 01-JUL-02. Mexico used up all its quota and turned U. That means there were lot of applicants whose PD was before 01-JUL-02.

    As for India EB3, same logic applies. Right now India EB3 is at 01-OCT-01. If there are enough people with PD before 01-OCT-01 to use up the quota, it can turn U in the next bulletin. Otherwise it could inch couple of weeks forward.


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  • Almond
    07-05 02:25 PM
    What difference does the membership of people make if they do not understand the agenda/motive of the organization? May be you are being mean in not understanding the agenda and needs of your favorite organization.

    I found the forum by chance and didn't realize there was more to this website until a while after I signed up. On second thought look at my sign up date, I think I'll just let you old timers battle this one out.

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  • GCKaIntezar
    02-21 11:14 AM
    Sorry I had 2/26 as Sunday in my previous post.

    Thanks Sekar, please bring as many friends as you can. I plan to be there around 3:30pm.

    Hi Guys when are you meeting in Durga temple Let me know I can come with some of my friends


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  • yabadaba
    07-24 07:51 AM
    Sorry, you are right. I hadn't had my coffee. Sorry for the false alarm.
    can u please delete your post...this is ridiculous

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  • ak27
    01-03 11:35 AM
    Hello Everyone,
    Wish all of you very happy new year. So far, we have only six members on group. If I may have missed anyone, please send me an email ajay1857@gmail.com.

    NJ chapter must be largest... Let us make it..

    Thank you..


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  • immigrant2007
    07-29 09:13 AM
    Yea sure, be scared of corporatiions and defamation suits and let them enslave you. Sheeple mentality.

    Add, the "now dead" Sun Microsystems to the list.
    They even give you an offer letter/appointment letter which says "We will file for your greencard", and then dilly-dally about it for 4 years.

    fuck em.
    Take control of your own destiny.

    Did the companies ever give in written that our gc will be filed? and H1 extension will be applied? If yes you have a case at hand otherwise frustration

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  • unseenguy
    05-26 11:05 PM
    Just carry a copy of I-94 or EAD with you all the time. Just keep it stapled to your insurance or in your wallet and forget about it.


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  • rajeev_74
    07-05 11:09 AM
    Hope this helps...
    Answer me this. God forbid but if you have a cancer and your brother has a malaria and you have just one doctor to treat. Would you ask doctor to treat you first since you have a bigger issue than your brother? No, right.
    Dude, we all are brothers in this mess and everyone deserves to be treated fairly. I agree that core should work to eliminate BEC problem as well as any other opportunity to get any other immediate relief but core has limited resources, very limited funding plus and core needs to work on areas which fixes maximum number of lives here.
    There are around 40000 people stuck in BEC and if 20% of those can join core and contribute, I'm sure that is enough number to allocate resources accordingly. But somehow people has got the wrong idea that IV is not for people stuck in BEC. I've seen similar posts in immigrationportal.com as well.

    Now if IV will work for people who were eligible to file in July or even for people who just filed on Jul 2nd, i'm sure people will come and say that IV is for July 2nd people only. But that is not the case. Any issues/bill/ammendment which can bring some immediate relief should be worked along with our core issues which is retrogression. Once you are out of BEC (I hope you do asap as several of my friends stuck there), I'm sure your main issue will be retrogression and not BEC even if there are other people stuck there.
    So lets not divide these communities any more, work together towards common cause that can bring some relief to our brother, sisters and ourselves. We all be benefitted if we all support each other.

    Hope you understand.

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  • ganguteli
    03-09 11:32 PM
    I like your idea.
    Let us all blame IV core for not getting our greencard and having a crappy visa bulletin this month. :)
    I contributed $5 in the high five campaign and I still do not have my labor cleared. I want to blame IV for that too. :)

    Did you not see the FOIA action item by IV core?

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  • gsc999
    07-03 03:55 PM
    Here is my $99 by paypal.

    Amount: $99.00 USD

    Transaction ID: 5DB90775US5552631

    10-30 11:03 PM
    Done..Posted the letter

    03-17 09:08 AM
    Guy you are forgetting the 7% per country quota for issuing GC. Applicants from a particular country can only get 7% of the total GC available in a year.

    Total employment based quota per year is 140,000 and 7% of it is 9800. So at the most only 9800 Indians can get GC per year. This count also includes the dependents.

    So even if your PD is current and you have filed your I-485 but there may be more than 9800 Indians with the same status and hence only the first 9800 will get GC that year.

    There are more than 100,000 primary Indian applicants who have filed their I-485 and assuming a average Indian family size of 3, there are 300,000 who are waiting for GC. Only 9800 can get in a year. So if the law does not change this backlog will finish in more than 30 years.

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