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Prices Specification And Previews and Images Honda Accord 2012

This year’s Geneva Auto Show had a special treat for auto fans as Honda unveiled it’s much awaited 2012 Honda Accord. Building on past success, Honda has proven that the 2012 Accord line will pose serious competition in the auto market. Boasting refinements to both the exterior and interior design, Honda has also increased fuel efficiency and decreased CO2 output without jeopardizing the performance that Honda lovers have come to expect. The 2012 Accord models are beautiful at first glance but a closer inspection reveals even more great additions.

Honda has proven, once again that beauty and functionality can work together to create a vehicle that will really turn heads. The 2012 Honda Accord sports a reworked front grill which, while adding a certain element of class, also contains a reworked cooling system to make sure to the powerful engine is always running at peak efficiency. The bumpers have been reworked to include improved front and tail lights and the premium models include bi-Xenon headlights with active cornering technology. These refinements continue to prove that the Honda Accord 2012 models haven’t sacrificed design for safety.

The 2012 Accord has also been redesigned with a new surface to the red taillights which should improve light output and visibility while adding a unique look. The front headlights are now redesigned with an added bit of chrome to really stand out from the crowd of boring cars. Honda has also added a classy touch of chrome along the back of the vehicle right above the license plate to ensure that it looks as good coming as it does going. While these design improvements would be enough for other manufacturers, Honda has unveiled three new colors as well and the Honda Accord 2012 models are now available in Graphite, Luster and Alabaster.

Honda hasn’t limited their design improvements to the exterior alone. When taking a look at the interior, auto fans will notice a stylish and modern new design that promises to make the 2012 Honda Accord a pleasurable ride for the driver as well. The new Accord 2012 models have added beautiful dark silver door panels to the interior and have accented them with bright silver door handles. The handbrake has received special attention from the Honda designers as well and now sports a beautiful bright silver finish. Honda didn’t stop there as the gearshift, instrument panel and even the steering wheel have received special attention with a design upgrade. The new Accord 2012 Type S models also boast a further refined interior with a luxurious new leather finish for the seating and door liners.
Honda hasn’t made a name for its self on looks alone, however, as the new 2012 Accord models come with a host of technical improvements as well. Under the hood we find a much improved version of their 2.2-liter i-DTEC diesel engine. The new 2012 engine offers an impressive 150 horsepower output which promises to make these new models as powerful as they are stylish. This awesome machine also boasts 350 Nm of torque at 2000 revs which means that this beast will have all the power you could ask for in a Honda. While these specs may seem reminiscent of past models, the new Accord 2012 models are much more eco-friendly than their predecessors.

In addition to the technical refinements and the beautiful new design elements, Honda has created a vehicle that both reduces carbon emissions and increases fuel efficiency. Specifications on the new 2012 Accord point out that a 6-speed manual sedan outputs only 9 g of CO2 per kilometer while the automatic version emits a meager 11 g per kilometer. While these improvements are wonderful for the environment, Honda has created a vehicle that is cheaper to run than earlier models.
The new Honda Accord 2012 has been fitted with refinements to the chassis which has made it much more aerodynamic and promises to cut down on wind resistance which, in effect, will increase fuel efficiency. The Japanese auto giant has also added space age, low friction ball bearings to ensure that the engine meets less resistance when it comes to moving the wheels. These refinements have proven that Honda is designing cars to cater to the modern concerns of environmental impact and economic conservatism.

Honda has already made a name for itself in the field of automotive design and the Accord name has become synonymous with power, functionality and beauty. The 2012 Honda Accord continues this tradition with beautiful refinements to the exterior, a luxurious interior and performance and safety specs that should have everyone talking. Set to be released for purchase this summer, the 2012 Accord was definitely a highlight of this year’s Geneva Auto Show and has promised to give other manufacturers a run for their money in this coming year.

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