Jumat, 29 Juli 2011

Ferrari Motorcycle Concept Fire Engine Luxury Bikes

This fire engine red Ferrari Motorcycle is easily the hottest thing on two wheels that I have seen in a very long time. Leave it to the designers of one of the world’s most coveted automobiles to come up with such a drool-worthy design.

The slick, contoured designed looks like something a superhero in a futuristic flick would ride off into the night on. And aside from its great design, because it’s a Ferrari Motorcycle, you know that it’s performance will be top shelf as well.

“Why there is no Ferrari motorcycle?” This is the question that Israeli designer Amir Glinik asked himself then he decided to create one. You can see from the pictures that the motorcycle is simply astonishing and you know that you want one.

The Ferrari Motorcycle will feature a Ferrari V4 Integrated Drive Unit, 1953 handlebars and rear suspensions, brakes with dual sculpted calipers, and a F16-inspired throttle quadrant. The motorcycle will be managed via a full-touchscreen and “the heart of the controlling system is based on a Ferrari engine management computer” which means that it should be powerful and safe in the same time.

“Vintage and modern Ferrari projects influence my design. It’s a mix of what I find to be the best Ferrari lines with the latest technology I could think of in terms of engine, gear and driving management. Preserving Ferrari lines and history, the aim is to create a bike with normal dimensions using existing Ferrari technology; to take the ease of service as a factor while thinking about low profile and CG. To produce a practical machine and not in any way a ‘Star Wars’ future ride,” said designer Amir Glinik.

For the moment there is no word on pricing and availability, however, I think that the Ferrari Motorcycle will be ready in a few years at a price that only a few can afford.

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