Selasa, 17 Mei 2011

Pedrosa Absent in Catalunya?

Le Mans - Dani Pedrosa threatened to return aside from the circuit. Accident at Le Mans on Sunday (15/05/2011), making it potentially even absent in his hometown series, MotoGP Catalunya, Spain, three weeks.

Pedrosa recovering from left shoulder injury, now have to back injury. This time, his right shoulder was injured after the motorcycle bounced back after nudging ben Marco Simoncelli when both are fighting for second place at Le Mans.

As quoted in The Independent, Tuesday (05/17/2011), this injury suddenly make the existence of Pedrosa in MotoGP this season, threatened a mess. Spaniard is reportedly going to miss the fifth MotoGP series in front of the public in Barcelona, 5 June.

More than that, the Spaniard even rumored going to back up the table surgery to heal a broken bone in his shoulder. If this happens, then, Pedrosa was endangered absent in more than one series.

"Within the next few days, we will decide whether he should undergo surgery to restore bone fracture in his shoulder or let the bone heal itself without intervention (surgery)," said one staff Repsol Honda team.

As a result of this accident, Pedrosa also must be willing to position in the standings, slipped. Drivers who won the series in Estoril, Portugal this position must be willing to go down to number three with 61 points, or five points behind team-mate Casey Stoner and 17 points adrift of league leaders while Jorge Lorenzo.

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