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Crutchlow: Not Fall, I Can Finish 6th

Le Mans - The look on the disappointment is still clearly visible on his face after diving Cal Crutchlow French Grand Prix on Sunday (05/15/2011). Tech 3 Yamaha Monster racer very disappointed, because in fact he believes can achieve maximum results at Le Mans.

Crutchlow performance during practice sessions ahead of qualifying until the race was pretty good. Rookie this season, it even managed to start the race from sixth, his best achievement in this season.

Unfortunately, apiknya achievement in qualifying race to end a bitter moment. The British rider was dropped from his motorcycle on lap six, while the middle fight with Ben Spies to compete for eight positions. Failure to touch the finish line for the first time this had made ​​him very disappointed.

"I am quite disappointed because, if you saw my appearance, I feel sure I can finish in the top six. Unfortunately, I fell in the middle of fun duel with Ben. I am quite able to keep up (Ben Spies) and had thought could achieve good results, until suddenly I did stupid mistake at turn 6, "complained MCN Crutchlow was quoted as saying on Tuesday (17/05/2011).

"I touched the curb to make me lose control on the front of the motor. After falling, I try to wake the motor and return to the track. But, there is a problem in the gas, so, it is impossible for me to continue racing. I am disappointed with this outcome, but, this is something that usually happens when you push yourself too, especially in highly competitive classes such as MotoGP, "he said.

Despite the bad result at Le Mans, Crutchlow began his first season in MotoGP with the fairly good. Won three races passed with quite good results (finish the 11, 8 and 8). In total, the drivers 25 is to collect 21 points and sits at number 11 of the standings. Not a bad achievement for a Rookie.

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